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  • Yabo was awarded as enterprise of taxpaying exceed 5million by Jiujiang Nanhai ,Foshan goverment in 2017

    Yabo was awarded as “Vice President Unit “of the Third Investing Chamber of Commerce in Jiujiang Town

  • Yabo hotel furniture met the standard of China 3.15 creditable brand selection ,which was awarded as "China 3.15 creditable brand in June 2017

    Yabo hotel furniture met the standard of China top ten hotel brand selection during the promotion activities of brand research in China  , which was awarded as "China Top Ten Hotel Brand "in June 2017

    Yabo furniture met the standard of most influenced brand selection of China furniture industry , which was awarded as" most influenced brand of China furniture industry " in June 2017

    Yabo was awarded as first brand of engineering construction " during the promotion activities of engineering construction brand research in China in June 2017

    Yabo was awarded as China creditable product during the quality inspection by China  authority in June 2017

    Yabo met the standard of creditable unit selection of China ,which was awarded as China creditable unit of AAA grade in June 2017

    Yabo was awarded as 'Guangdong famous band product" by Guangdong Famous Products Selection Committee

    Yabo was awarded as "the Leading Enterprise of Subdivided Industry" by Foshan quality working leader team office .

    Huangkaibo from Guangdong Yabo Furniture Industrial Co.,Ltd was appointed as the member of China hotel supply association of first council by China hotel supply association

  • In September 2016, Yabo company won the "Outstanding Contribution Award" by Guangdong Provincial Hotel Supplies Industry Association.

    In July 2016, Yabo company won the "Shunde District Furniture Association vice president unit."

    In April 2016, Yabo company spent 8 million RMB, in the second floor of the factory renovation of the new exhibition hall put into use.

  • November 2015, Yabo company was awarded "The eagle plan Key support enterprise" by Nanhai District of Foshan City People's Government. 

    In September 2015, Yabo company won the "Guangdong Province Hotel Supplies Association vice president of units."

    February 2015, Yabo company won the "brand-name products in Guangdong advanced units" by Guangdong Provincial Furniture Association.

  • In September 2014, Yabo registered capital from 50.3 million RMB to 100.3 million RMB.

    In March 2014, Yabo won the "Design Excellence Award" at the 33rd China Guangzhou International Furniture Fair.

  • In December 2013, Yabo company awarded the "Chinese famous brand" certificate in China by the product quality assurance center.

    In December 2013, Yabo company was awarded "quality, service, the credibility of AAA enterprises"in China by the product quality assurance center.

    In December 2013, Yabo company was awarded the "Safety Production Standardization" certificate issued by Foshan Safety Management Association.

    In August 2013, Yabo company was awarded "The transformation and upgrading of the furniture industry focus on cultivating enterprises of Guangdong Province" title by Guangdong Provincial Furniture Association.

    May 2013, Yabo company spent 13 million RMB, to redesign and alter the office building as a new exhibition hall in the factory .

    In January 2013, Yabo company won the "brand-name products in Guangdong Province" title by Guangdong brand-name product evaluation center.

  • In December 2012, Yabo company was awarded as "2012 outstanding members" and "a brand-name products in Guangdong advanced units"by the Guangdong Furniture Association.

    In December 2012, Yabo company was awarded the: "2012 Guangdong Province Furniture Association outstanding membership certificate" and "Guangdong brand-name product certificate" by Guangdong Furniture Association.

    In October 2012, "Yabo + graphics" office furniture products as "brand-name products in Guangdong Province."by the Guangdong Provincial Brand Products Promotion Committee

    In August 2012, the company registered capital from 35.3 million RMB to 50.3 million RMB.

    In 2012, the third phase of factory was put into use,Fixing decorative furniture to form a professional production line

    In April 2012, the company registered capital from 20.3 million RMB to 35.3 million RMB.

  • In August 2011, the company registered capital from 10.3 million RMB to 20.3 million RMB.

  • On January 11th, 2010, Yabo company was recommended as "The most popular furniture brand of consumers in China" by Sohu and other authoritative media and the Chinese brand industry associations and other organizations.

    January 13, 2010, Yabo was identified as "excellent furniture export enterprises" by the furniture industry associations, Indicating that Yabo's export capacity to further strengthen.

  • On June 6th, 2009, "Yabo" brand by the domestic authority of the media institutions and associations as "China's top 100 suppliers (hotel industry) in 2009."

    On January 11th, 2009, "Yabo" brand by the domestic authority of the media as "China's top ten hotel furniture brand in 2008."

  • In October 2008, Yabo was awarded the "Platinum Supplier Character Award" and "Brand Supplier Credit Award" by Chinese and foreign hotel forums.

    In July 2008, Yabo company officially upgraded to be"Guangdong Yabo Furniture Industry Co., Ltd.", in order to achieve from the "Longjiang Yabo" to "Foshan Yabo" to "Guangdong Yabo" three jump, completed the hotel Furniture industry "Yabo" brand building.

    In May 2008, Yabo won the "Foshan City Furniture Association vice president unit", Enterprise legal representative as vice president of Foshan Family Association, which established the company in the Chinese hotel furniture industry in the dominant position.

    On March 29th, 2008, Yabo company won the "material using Bronze Award", "Booth Design Silver Award", "Manufacturing Excellence Award", "Design Excellence Award "totally four awards in the 21st session of the China Guangzhou International Furniture Fair .

  • In 19th,Aug.2007.Yabo company won  bronze medal honor certificate of apperence design in the 20th CIFF.

    In June 2007, Yabo company became the "United Nations furniture designated suppliers." Greatly enhance the international reputation of Yabo products.

    In 20th,March.2007.Yabo company won the Excellence honor certificate of manufacting craftwork. and Excellence honor certificate of apperence design in the 19th CIFF.

  • Yabo moves to new factory. gardening manufacture is brougant into use. yabo will make further progress througan its powerful design,development and productivity.

  • A new factory id built in shazui industrial park jiujiang town nanhai foshan guangdong province , covering an area if 60,000 square meters, the number of its staff has reached 500, which enables yabo to gain an annual productivity of 10,000 suite and 70,000 suite chair

    Foshan yabo hotel furniture industrial co ltd wins the golden prize for hotels horne and abroad,it also wins the honor of "the chinese outstanding suppliers"

    YABO furniture if successfully certificated the quality management system bsen iso9001:2000 which marks that the quality has reached the international level

  • YABO furniture is cerlificated the iso 4001 environmental system

    YABO hotel furniture square if established in lecong cthe national furniture capital.it cocers an area of 6000 square meters. in the square, eight exhibition pabilions are set up according to the supoerior hotel stendard,namely"lobby pavilion","hotel suite pabilion""western food pavilion"ect.it id the largest and the most professional show center for hotel furniture and accessories in the national furniture trade capital

  • Foshan City Yabo Furniture Industries Co., Ltd. was awarded the authority of the "product quality trust units" honorary title in 2002.

    Foshan yabo hotel furniture industrial co ltd is established with a hotel regitered capital of 10,300,000 yuan

    Foshan yabo hotel furniture industrial co ltd win the honor of "credible unit of quality"rewarded by authoritative organization

  • The establishment of longjiang town Shunde city Yabo furnture

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