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  • Environmental Detection
    Achieves the goal
    To provide customers with environmental and healthy furniture products.

         Excellent environmental quality to create a precedent for the industry, promote technological innovation, constantly enrich the product line at the same time, also in the continuous upgrading of product environmental quality, make oneself become the most strict and most secure hotel furniture customization enterprise environmental control domestic furniture industry.

         Realizingthat the environmental responsibility, we start from the root, the use of raw materials, from the external structure to environmental testing, so that customers can clear understanding of each procedure is billion of furniture products. The establishment of laboratory test of formaldehyde content, formaldehyde content testing of MDF, plywood batch, strictly control the release amount of formaldehyde sheet; and in cooperation with the national authoritative department started on MDF, plywood, paint and glue each batch of raw materials by testing; finished furniture, wood products and fixed production the regular service of National Furniture Quality Supervision and inspection center of harmful substances detection, on the basis of "interior decoration decoration materials wood furniture limit of harmful substances" standard. Strictly implement " three " check system to ensure true: to provide consumers with environmentally friendly and healthy furniture products.


    Our suppliers of raw materials have passed strict environmental protection system certification:

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